Does your father already have enough ties or Best Dad t-shirts?  Are you looking to do something different for Father’s Day this year?  Switch it up a bit this year and give one of the below Father’s Day celebration ideas a try.  They are sure to make the father in your life feel loved and appreciated!

All About Dad

Dads and father figures are much needed in our lives. They teach us all those important life hacks from how to properly stack charcoal to start a grill to how to balance a checkbook.

They give us unconditional love even in our darkest days. They kiss scraped knees and talk us through our first heartbreaks. They properly vet all potential boyfriends and girlfriends of children before deciding that no one is probably good enough.

Ultimately, fathers have our best interests at heart. They’re always one phone call and one hug away. They do so much and they don’t expect anything in return.

That’s why it’s important that dads get at least one day a year where we can show them how great they are, how much we appreciate them, and just how dear to our hearts we keep all their advice and pearls of wisdom.

Dads May Seem Tough But They Appreciate Being Appreciated

Most people go all out for mother’s day with flowers, cards, candy, spa days, and more. That’s because people view mothers as the sensitive ones who love attention and love to be pampered.make-your-dad-feel-like-king-with-these-father-s-day-celebration-ideas

Believe it or not, dads love all of those things too. They deserve a day where they’re shown that they are king. There are quite a few different ways to go about celebrating Father’s Day.

If your dad is a rambunctious and outgoing soul, then it’s time to go all out with your celebrations. If dad is someone who is more withdrawn and lowkey, then you can still celebrate with food and a card.

It all depends on your dad. No matter who your dad may be, here are a several easy ways to celebrate Father’s Day that are sure to be a smash hit for the whole family while highlighting just how special dad is.

Take Dad Fishing and Talk Life

Lots of dads like to fish. It’s a form of relaxation for them. They can toss the line in, kick back and enjoy the open water. What’s even better, is that they may catch fish to make a delicious feast out of later.

What dads love more than relaxing with fishing, is fishing with their children. For Father’s Day, it’s a great idea to plan a fishing trip. Bring some sandwiches, worms, and find a great pier to set up shop.

Since it’s a special day, you can also consider renting a boat for the family. Dads love the whole aspect of fishing but what they love even more is spending that quality time with their children.

Fishing is a great time to simply talk about life. We all live busy lives no matter who we are. Work, family, and hobbies tend to take up the bulk of our time. Sometimes, we don’t even have much time to call our dads and tell them everything that is going on in life.

Fishing is a time to catch up on everything. Clue dad in on what’s been happening, what your goals are, and whatever you may need help on. Also, make sure to tell dad to tell you all about what’s happening in his life. Chances are, he’s got a lot to say to you too.

If Dad has been meaning to get into fishing but just hasn’t made that first step in getting out there and learning all that is involved, getting a great local fishing guide may be a special treat.  Extra special if you all join him!

If you’d like to give Dad some fishing related gifts check out these fun finds:



Fire up the Grill and get the Gang Together

It’s no secrets that dads are considered “king of the grill.” To celebrate Dad, why not plan a big cookout?  You can make this an all-day special event for your father.

Start, by heading to the butcher with your dad. Together, you both can pick out the finest cuts of meat. Dads like to be in charge and giving them the option to pick out their meat will make them happy.

Allow them to show off their skills and knowledge about grilling. Listen to them when they explain the difference in steaks, beef, and more. Dads love when their children show interest in their hobbies. This is a way to learn all about one of dads passions.

At the Father’s Day cookout, give your dad options. If he wants to grill, let the man grill. If he wants to relax, you or a family member can take over the duties.

When looking for a gift, consider something grill-related. Dad might like a set of gourmet barbecue sauces or spices, a new apron or grilling utensils set, or maybe a subscription box for fresh and organic meat.



Take Dad to a Brewery

Does dad love to kick back with a few beers? Instead of lounging around the house doing the same thing as always, take dad out to a brewery.

It’s even better if the brewery is offering a tour. You and dad can learn all about the art of brewing a craft beer.

Tours typically come with a souvenir pint glass, taste samples along the way, and sometimes even a t-shirt. Tours are typically done with a group but if you’ve got a big family, you can request a private tour at some places.

It’s a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day as a family while dad gets to drink, learn, and be with the ones he loves. Brewery tours are also great for photos ops, making this a Father’s Day to never forget.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Sporting Event

make-your-dad-feel-like-king-with-these-father-s-day-celebration-ideas-1When plotting Father’s Day celebration ideas, why not consider some sort of sporting event if your dad is that kind of guy? One great way to relax and let dad unwind is by taking him out for a round or several of golf.

Again, this is a sport that leaves lots of time for catching up and conversations. If there are little ones in your family, consider miniature golf as an alternative. If golfing isn’t your dad’s forte, there are other options.

You can get dad tickets for a summer sport such as baseball or NASCAR. If your dad likes other sports then consider buying him tickets in advance as a gift.

If you can’t get out to a sporting event, dads are fairly simple guys. Sometimes, they’re just happy to toss the football around with their loved ones.

Still a Kid at Heart

If you have that dad that is still a kid at heart, consider taking him somewhere really fun like a water park, an amusement park or a Go-Kart race track.  A lot of these types of places will actually allow dads in for free on Father’s Day.

If he’s really adventurous, you can check your local aquarium and see if he can swim with the sharks like they do at mine.  Or you can take him to the shooting range or the archery range.

Your special dad may enjoy taking a martial arts class or a hunting class he’s been meaning to sign up for.  He may enjoy going on a hike or having a cookout in nature.  If he’s the outdoorsy type, consider some of these outdoor gifts:


The Super Busy Dad

What about getting a professional family photo that Dad can display in his office or keep in his wallet to feel connected to home when he is not home?  He may also enjoy a video tribute.  You could have each child say a few words about why they feel he’s such a great dad, or they could share their favorite memory with him.  These make great memory keepers!

You could also help dad let loose a bit by renting him a motorcycle for the day, or an expensive sports car.  Speaking of loosening up, a massage would be great too!

Or send him on a weekend trip to see an old friend that he misses.  We all need rest, but busy dads sometimes just need to take a break.  You could all go (or send him only) on a weekend getaway, somewhere he would enjoy, possibly a camping trip, fishing trip or hunting trip.  If he’s not an outdoorsy guy, a weekend anywhere new would be fun.

If Dad is really busy he would probably love any gift that shaves time off of his schedule, like a robotic lawn mower or a lawn service.  With his busy schedule he probably also would appreciate the latest in electronics and technology.

Super busy dads can also sometimes be stressed out and maybe not take the time needed to monitor their stress levels or make their health a priority.  Check out some of these ideas to help him know he’s worth it.



Dads Just Want to Feel Special

Don’t put too much stress on yourself trying to plan the perfect day. When it comes to Father’s Day celebration ideas, dads are simply happy just to be with their kids.

Dads appreciate any gesture you show or event that you plan. At the end of the day, they just like to see that you love them and that you put a little bit of thought into their special day.  Check out this fun short video about what dads are saying that they really want for Father’s Day:



Do you have any special Father’s Day celebration ideas? If so, tell us about them in the comment section below!  We’d love to hear from you!


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