In America, the word PROM is synonymous to so many things – it brings to mind limos, glam and taking lots of pictures. Prom is a tradition held near and dear to most high schooler’s hearts thanks to iconic films such as Pretty in Pink or more recently, Prom.

For so many, prom is more than just a dance. It brings high school juniors and seniors together for one night – dressed to Find Your Perfect Dress: The Long Prom Dressthe nines and ready to have a lot of fun!

And with themes from Under-the-Sea or Paris Nights to Great Gatsby or Hollywood, the options are endless for Prom Preparations, or Promparations, if you will.

So, if you’ve received that special Promposal or are going with a group of friends, it’s now time to pick that gorgeous knock-out dress. So, how do you start the journey to find your IT DRESS?

Here is something to keep in mind while shopping:

Comfort matters. If you plan on dancing at all, keep comfort in mind. You don’t want to look stiff in those prom pictures, do you?

No, of course not! So, pick out a gown you can tango in or simply plop in a chair and watch the action. You’ll need to be able to breathe and have a ball.

Next, think about whether you want a long prom dress or a short one. There is somewhat of an “unspoken rule” that short dresses are for homecoming dances and long dresses are for prom. You choose what ever you are comfortable with.

I do feel that a long dress comes across as a bit more formal and elegant than a short one.  Prom overall seems to be more of a formal and elegant event compared to homecoming, so that is why the prom dresses I chose to include here are all long dresses.

So, if you’re in the market for beautiful unique prom dresses, keep reading for some of the best options on the market.

The cost of a prom dress can range from free all the way up to several hundreds of dollars (see below). But first, here I have listed some great options where you will find a nice variety of pricing.

To see the current price, feel free to just click on the photo of the dress.  By clicking the photo of the dress you’ll also be able to see all of the colors the dress comes in and the style on the back of the dress, if there is one – but most of them have really cool backs, so check it out!

To check out the more expensive dresses (so fun!) and the super affordable options (also fun!), please scroll down.

* I do not post pricing because prices change so often.


Ball Gowns

Ball Gowns are a dramatic, beautiful option for anyone craving that perfect princess prom moment. A romantic, classic look, the ballgown is sure to turn heads when you enter the ballroom or the barn. No matter the venue, the full skirt and flare will be perfect for any girly-girl to twirl!




Mermaid Gowns

Mermaid gowns hug your body and then have a beautiful flare towards the bottom.  These gowns are a statement in themselves and so usually there is no need to accessorize.  If you accessorize too much it will take away from the unique statement the dress makes.




Halter Dresses

Halter tops hold everything in place and make it all the easier to dance the night away, but not only that, halter dresses are absolutely gorgeous. These simple dresses tie at the neck and flow from the waist, and they are the perfect dress to enjoy your night with your girlfriends!




Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses show off the pre-summer glow, and they are perfect for any girl looking to show off her tan. They can be simple or intricate, but they can be tricky on the dance floor, so if you choose an off-the-shoulder, be careful to secure everything – soon enough, you’ll have gorgeous prom photos, and you’ll have had the time of your life!




Two-Piece Dresses

A two-piece prom dress can be a modern twist on a classic style. With a halter top, a full skirt, and a sliver of skin in between, this show-stopping style helps show off your special style. A two-piece prom dress is the perfect way to display your personal style and go out with a bang!



Other Affordable Options

Here are a few other ideas that are sure to provide a unique, beautiful, and affordable dress just for you!
Now, no one heading to the prom wants a cookie cutter dress. You want to be unique in color, style, print, or all of the above, so you might consider visiting a thrift, consignment, or vintage store.

Search for that perfect dress in that perfect style for you, but just know that vintage dresses can be expensive. Though you can find some amazing deals at thrift stores. Just be sure to get the dress cleaned so it can look new again.

Design your own! Okay, I know that sounds out there, but if you’re creative, grab a bolt of fabric and go after that perfect idea in your head. Does your Mama sew? Grandma? Hey, you might!

Just go after it and try to make just the dress you want. This way, you’ll have no sacrifices. You’ll get everything you want and maybe more.

Speaking of dress design, does your Mom have her old 80’s prom dress in a drawer? You know – the kind with the poofy sleeves and the ruffles? Ask her if you could give it new life.

Rip off the sleeves and combine it with the bolt of fabric we talked about and pull a Pretty in Pink. Soon enough, your Mama’s old dress will be your new, totally you dress. Check out this short video on how this mom’s old prom dress saved the day!

Check the junk drawer. Do you have a roll of Duck Tape? If so, get taping, and soon, you could be rolling in scholarship money. The contest is simple.

Design your dress with Duck Tape brand duct tape, wear it to dress, snap a photo, post the photo, and upload your special prom moment. First place winners receive $10,000 in scholarship money but not only that, your dress and his tux will be the talk of the prom.

No Budget?

If you are not really concerned about cost, take a look at these amazing finds. These dresses are so gorgeous, they definitely are worth holding onto to and passing on to your future daughter or family member.

Even if these beautiful dresses do not fall within your budget, they are so gorgeous that they are at least fun to look at. A girl can always dream, right? Enjoy!



Nonetheless, whichever path you decide to take with these beautiful unique prom dresses, I just want to remind you that your prom experience will be a night you will never forget!  Please let me know below in the comments which option is your favorite!

I hope this information helps you find that perfect dress that will make you feel as amazing as you are!

To having fun being beautiful,




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