Mothers, grandmothers, and even the new mothers who recently gave birth to their first baby all deserve a special day. Mother’s Day is meant to celebrate the beautiful women in our lives who raise us, teach us, and provide for us.

They fix boo-boos, give the best hugs, and they always cut the crust off our sandwiches with the utmost precision. Mom knows where our other shoe is even when we can’t find it despite looking everywhere, and she can even tell us without looking up from whatever it is she’s doing at the moment.


She’s the best person in our lives, and she deserves more than just a bouquet of flowers and a card. Of course, sending her a bouquet of flowers and a card is still a great idea, but don’t stop there.

Consider doing something different this year.  Something a little more unique and different than you typically do could make her feel as if you really took the time to think about what she would like, and what it would take to make her feel appreciated.

Below are some unique mothers day ideas to help you try something different this year.

Meal Delivery Service

Mom is your meal delivery service.  She shops for the ingredients she needs to make all the meals you love the most, she makes lists, she plans the meals, and she spends time in the kitchen making sure you have something healthy and delicious to eat.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a brand-new first-time mom or the best grandmother in the entire world, sending her the gift of a meal delivery service subscription would sure be a pleasant treat. Let her pick the meals and choose how often she’d like her subscription delivered.

All she would need to do is reheat and enjoy a professional chef prepared meal from scratch!  Find a good local one. If you’d like a sample look, click here to see a great one I came across in my area.

Meal Kit Delivery Service

The gift of time is the perfect gift to provide the mom in your life. If she’d rather cook the meal herself there are meal delivery services that include all the ingredients she needs to make a gourmet dinner.

She doesn’t have to spend time coming up with great recipes, making lists, or shopping. Someone else does all that and ships her what she needs.

What a better way to thank the mom in your life than giving her the gift of time? Well, you could make it better by doing the cooking for her, if she’d be ok with that.

Cleaning Service

Did you ever take into account how many times the mom in your life has to clean the house? It doesn’t matter how much you all help her with the dishes and laundry, there’s still all those dirty handprints and fingerprints on the doors, the handles, the walls, the windows.

Someone has to clean the mirrors and wipe your toothpaste out of the sink, the toilets and those gorgeous wooden blinds and plantation shutters do not clean themselves. Why not gift mom a biweekly or monthly cleaning service to tackle the jobs she dislikes the most?

Cleaning the blinds, the baseboards, the photos on the walls, and all the detail work is time-consuming and necessary, and someone else can come in and do that for her.

Housework Helpers

If she’d rather not deal with having cleaning people in her space, consider giving her an awesome fun gadget that does housework for you!  Check out this list of 22 inventions that do housework you.  Mom would surely love at least one of the cool gadgets on that list (you actually might too!)!

You Do It

UNIQUE MOTHER’S DAY IDEAS – TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT THIS YEARMom’s love when their housework gets done.  You could really say “I love you Mom” by helping her free up some of her time by washing the dog for her, doing her spring yard work for her, doing all of the laundry for her one day, organizing the garage for her, or the basement, or whatever it is that she’s been meaning to get to.  She will love it!

A Cool Bike

Is your mom the sporty type? If she loves to spend time outdoors, why not get her a beautiful bike in her favorite color?

She can take it for rides around the neighborhood or on local trails. You get some bonus points if you buy one for yourself or dad and give her someone to ride with.

It’s a gift that allows her to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and the beauty that nature has to offer. Physical activity lowers stress levels, increases mom’s mood, and it helps her get a little Vitamin D when she’s in the sun.

Wine Club Membership

Does your mom occasionally enjoy a glass of wine?  Or does she like to have a variety of wine on hand for entertaining?

Try a wine club membership that allows her to receive deliveries every month or quarter. She can choose red, white, or a mixture.

It’s a wonderful way for her to feel she has a chance to try something she’s never had before, expand her palette, and really enjoy some fun nights at home with dad or her girlfriends.

Health Club Membership

Most moms really do want to be healthy.  Some may feel that they are just too busy serving everyone else and so they don’t have time to explore what belonging to a health club or YMCA can offer them as an individual, as a mom and how that would impact the family (not just her) in a positive way.

Happy healthy mom = happy healthy family.

Though please tread very, very carefully here. If you are thinking of getting a gift for your wife, mother, grandmother for mother’s day, you might not want to throw health club membership at her like it’s a suggestion that she is not good enough or needs some “improvement”.

Nothing says, “I love you, now go to the gym,” quite like, well, a gym membership.  However, you can provide her this gift if it is something she’s been thinking of, has mentioned she’d like to, has been wanting to get healthier, etc.

Many health clubs nowadays have childcare, Parent’s Night Out events, swimming lessons for kids, and a kid zone the kids can head into when you want to lie by the family pool or work out.

A health club can really give mom a break from the kiddos while she has fun or even pampers herself in the steam room or sauna.  She can take that yoga class she’s always said she wanted to take, try a spin class, and join the Zumba dancers if she’s not a fan of the gym.

It’s a beautiful gift if your beloved wife, mom or grandmother wants to be more active, but it can come across as hurtful if presented in a way that can come across as if she is not good enough.

Depending on the situation, this maybe a gift that mom could pick herself or it could be a pleasant surprise.  If you don’t feel comfortable buying her a membership but you know she has been meaning to get healthier, you could get her something relating to something she’d enjoy or has been wanting to try.

For instance, if she’s been wanting to try yoga, getting her a unique yoga mat may be fun.  Like this one with an alignment marker system is like having your own personal assistant.

Or if she is really busy but would love to get her 10,000 steps in per day, a desk treadmill is an excellent gift as it allows you to get your walking in while doing office work.  If you’d like to learn more about treadmill desks (they are awesome by the way) please read this review on the best treadmill desk ever!

The Classics – With A Unique Twist

Mom is amazing, but that doesn’t mean she wants to spend Mother’s Day with everyone. She might just want to spend the day doing something for herself, or with another mom friend that never gets alone time as well.

Or she may want a combination of the two.  It is, after all, her day so we need to let her know that it’s ok to not spend it with us if she doesn’t want to.

If she does want the family around her, just make sure she’s not stressed about preparing anything.  Make sure the house is clean, yummy food is taken care of and she’s showered with some cool gifts.

If she wants to get some alone time or some rare girlfriend time, she may love a day at the spa, a massage, manicure, pedicure, and/or facial.  If she’s the type that prefers to stay at home, you could get her one of these at home personal saunas that have become quite popular lately.

A weekend away for mom is always a wonderful gift. Again let her decide who she wants to bring a long, whether it be just Dad, the family, girlfriends are just her going solo.  It can be quiet cabin weekend or a resort stay that includes fancy dinners, massage treatments, and a lot of quiet.

Flowers, a beautiful dinner at her favorite restaurant, a little box with a fun piece of jewelry, and those perfect handmade cards from the kids are all classic ideas that warm mom’s heart.

These are tried and true classics, but they never fail.  If you’ve done them a lot though, it’s always fun to throw mom off by adding a different twist to it.

You can alway do some sneaky investigating and indirectly ask mom what she wants, what she’s been into lately, did she start up any new hobbies, has she been thinking of starting something new (like yoga or painting class) and use that information to make her feel really special on the one day per year she gets to feel that way.

Funny Gifts

If your mom, or special one you are celebrating on Mother’s Day has a sense of humor consider one of these fun gifts (to see more info or the price, click on the photo):


Whether you’re the traditional type or someone who prefers a little bit more in terms of unique mothers day ideas for the special mom in your life, you will find the answer here.

No Budget Gifts

Are you feeling so generous that you have no budget for Mom’s gift this year? Or do you just want to have fun and see some of the most expensive Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon?  Check them out right here!



If you’ve had some great luck in the past with some unique Mother’s Day gifts or ideas, I (and I’m sure others) would love to hear what it is that she loved about it, please share below in the comments!  Thank you!

And just for fun or those curious like myself, here is a short video on the history of Mother’s Day.  Enjoy!



Happy Mother’s Day!





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